List of Tagalog words starting with the letter S - Page 4

Sa kinauukulan


kinauukulan comp. To whom it may concern

sa labas


sa labas comp. 1. externally; on the outside; 2. outside of; 3. on the outskirts; 4. outdoors [adv.]

lahat comp. for all time; all the time

lahat; panahon comp. at all times

sa likod ng


likod comp. behind; at the back of

sa likuran ng


likuran comp. behind; at the back of

sa loob


sa loob comp. inside; internally; inwardly; interior [adv.]

loob comp. all day long

sa lugal ng/ni


lugal comp. instead of; in place of

madaling comp. in brief; briefly; in a few words

maikling salita comp. in a nutshell; in a few words

doon/roon comp. thereabout; thereabouts; near that place

sa malayo


sa malayo comp. 1. afar; from/at/to a great distance; 2. in the distance

lugal/lugar comp. far and wide; everywhere

sa may


comp. near; somewhat/somewhere near

gayong comp. thereabouts; near that time

comp. below; underneath; subordinate

sa ngalan ng/ni


comp. on behalf of; in the name of

sa oras na


comp. when; at any time in the future

paraan comp. however; in whatever way

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