List of Tagalog words starting with the letter M - Page 409

may bakas


may bakas comp. have a trace of

may halaga


may halaga adj. costly; valuable; helpful; outstanding; useful

may hawak


comp. have control of; be in possession of

may isa


may isa comp. certain something or someone but not named

may kalayuan


comp. at a distance; far

may kapalaluan


comp. with vain; with conceit

saligang-batas comp. constitutional

may kaya


adj. able; capable; competent

may kinabukasan


may kinabukasan comp. has a future (lit.: has a tomorrow)

may kinalaman


may kinalaman comp. have a connection; concern; relate to

may kinalaman sa salapi comp. pecuniary; having to do with money

kulili comp. 1. hard of hearing [fig.]; 2. easily confused by orders/instructions

may lunas pa


comp. remediable

may magandang-kalooban comp. magnanimous; above small meanness

may magandang-loob comp. kind; gracious and considerate

maluwag comp. have a screw loose (slang); be crazy

may mapusok na loob comp. daring; fearless but reckless; bold

may masamang hangarin comp. malicious; spiteful; showing ill will

masamang comp. having bad luck or bad fate

may mga larawan


comp. pictorial; illustrated by pictures

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